BYU-Idaho Dance Events

Photos taken at Extravadance Spring 2010, BYU-Idaho, Rexburg ID.

The BYU- Idaho Dance Department has an active program covering contemporary, ballroom, tap, clogging, and world dance styles. They have two performing groups. Dance Alliance is a touring group that performs all styles of dance and Collegiate Dance is a campus group that is broken into a world group, a contemporary group, and a ballroom group.

On-campus dance productions are held in the 966 seat proscenium style Kirkham Auditorium. I provide lighting design for two major dance concerts each year, and student crew provides support for smaller performances and showcases. I maintain a rep plot in the Kirkham that is used for a variety of events in the auditorium each week. For the Extravadance and Dance Alliance performances, I set up side lighting booms and bring in two additional trusses of moving lights. Lighting was programmed on a GrandMA Lite console and I recently programmed a show on an ETC Glo.

For Extravadance and Dance Alliance concerts we tech and perform over two weeks to accommodate students class schedules. This does create a problem with scheduling in a venue that is used several times each week during the semester. Challenges also occur with scheduling student crew for programming and running lights and sound for the shows, along with other events on campus and the 20 hour work week restriction.

The three to four performances of the Extravadance or Dance Alliance concerts are well attended by students and community patrons.

Extravadance Winter 2012 Light Plot – PDF Format

Extravadance Winter 2012 Lighting Section – PDF Format

Design and Support Documentation

Channel Hookup – Extravadance Winter 2012

Instrument Schedule – Extravadance Winter 2012

Cheat Sheet – Extravadance Winter 2012

Extravadance Winter 2012 – Production Calendar

Running Order with Start Cue- Extravadance Winter 2012

Color Changer Color Pallete – Extravadance Winter 2012

Extravadance Fall 2010 Schedule