Design Process


1.  Define the Project

  • Who is the project production team?
  • What will happen at the event? (script, time line, tour rider, verbal narrative)
  • Who is the audience?
  • What is the desired outcome? (entertainment, spiritual enrichment, promotion of ideas, class presentation, make money?)
  • When does the event take place? (performance dates, rehearsal dates, load-in dates)

2. Analysis of Project

  • Read, reread and review project definition terms
  • Explore design concepts (formulate design/presentation approaches, brainstorm, sketch, research/collect samples and ideas)
  • Define needs of the project
  • Define available resources and constraints (venues, time frame, budget, equipment availability, crew and performer availability)
  • Identify challenges and research solutions

3. Establish Design Concept

  • Formalize and document the guiding principles for the project design

4. Create and Document Project Design

  • Project design deliverables
  • Production schedule
  • Design documents
  • Budgets
  • Evaluate how well the design achieves the design concept

5. Implement Design

  • Build
  • Pre-program
  • Load in
  • Tech rehearsals
  • Work Notes

6. Performance

7. Post Mortem Evaluation

8. Archive

Lighting Events Spring 2011

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